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                                                          What does a 360 photo booth do?

The 360 Video booth captures any moment you want in stunning slow motion while revolving around a subject.  Be yourself, be animated, dance, blow a kiss in the air, or just have fun… A 360 Video booth creates a dramatic effect for anything recorded. The best thing is that you can share the finished video with anyone that you like. Your guest will have the option to send to their phones and they can share their video instantly. 


Rental Price: 1st Hr($200) , 2nd Hr ($200);   $150/hr 3rd hour+ 

 Video Types: 360 video, Slomo, & Boomerangs

Included: Red Carpet, LED Ring lights, unlimited videos,  & props.

Marble Surface

Why Choose Capture Culture ??

Custom Video Frames

We create custom video frames to personalize your events. 

Pick Your Favorite Song 

We add the song of your choice behind all your videos.

L.E.D Lights 

Bright LED lights for great video quality.

Easy Sharing 

Sharing your videos is easy as ever.  We can send videos directly to your phone, Email, or by phone scan. 

360 Videos 

360 Videos 

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